Q&A: How many looks we can make in one photo session

Q&A: How many looks we can make in one photo session

A good photosession needs good planning, especially for fashion shoots where so many people and so much stuff is involved. Basicly you need to manage people like:

  • makeup artist
  • model(s)
  • hairdresser
  • dresses
  • shoes
  • accessories
  • probs
  • set designs

For editorials, it depends on:

  • how different each look is
  • how good the model&makeup artist is
  • how many different ideas you want to try for each look.

Sometimes it takes 1 hour to make a complicated makeup with hair&stylisation especially if you dont have a dedicated hair dresser. I say dedicated because in many cases (especially low budget) you will have only person who is responsible from makeup & hair. Sometimes even same person do stylisations, probs, set design, accecories etc. Ask friends to help, there is always a lot of interesting jobs to do in a photo session.

If you go for significantly different look, like  You also loose time if you change your light setup everytime, make test shots, try different ideas for each look etc.


Our average is 3-4 different stylisations per day. For lookbooks or online store where you dont change your setup, makeup & hair much faster, I say 10-15 max. Also depends on how experienced the model is. For long shoots, non-agency or little experienced models will be tired and loose motivation but experienced and agency models will give you what you want faster or they will not be bored or loose motivation so fast.

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